The team behind the brand ..




The Founder, The Creator, The Soul, The Muse.. The Inventor.
Amy shaped Back Label and its Wellnesswear concept around herself and her attitude toward life, truth and beauty, for all women and men in constant search of refinement and quality.She now lives in a wonderful and peaceful resort in the sky but, by constantly cutting through the journey of her brand, she still leads us, inspiring each and every decision we take.
A beautiful woman and a beautiful soul, wife of Filippo.



Also known as “Lady Pastiera” since she often shares with us the Pastiera Cakes that her Neapolitan husband home-bakes. Not only Enza has a huge heart but she also has an impeccable eye for details which made her the queen of hand stitches.




Pamela is the queen of “Taglia&Cuci” (“Cut&Stitch”) sewer machine… Don’t you dare to touch her machine, because if you do she will (friendly) yell at you.
As she works on taglia&cuci stitches, she is super focused on her job with the exception of a few calls to her beloved kids.. Living proof that family and business can go happily together.



aka “The Red one”: like a Maranello’s Ferrari,
when she passes through the desks you can definitely feel her roaring.
She’s Product Manager but more than that she’s THE problem solver in BL. And the great thing about it, is that first she sorts all your problems out and then she convinces you that you actually solved them by yourself!
She specializes in cashmere, parties and random gifts.




aka “The Chiacchi”: there’s nothing she’s not informed about.
She’s Back Label Personal Google. She manages all financial activities with Buddhist discipline and Zen transparency. Upon request, she can turn herself into Computer Technician, Mechanic, Herbalist, Vegan Dietologist, Cosmetologist, Personal Trainer, Financial Consultant and Dog Whisperer.
And she has an outfit for every occasion.



Vera means “truth” in Italian and no other name could be more appropriate on her,
as she is the one who spells the truth.
She’s 32 years old and she’s BL Director and Product Manager.
She’s a warrior, so “you never really want to mess up with Vera”.. But in the end of the day, she’s the one that you can always count on, like truth itself. No matter what, she will be there, standing still, fighting and taking responsibility to help and back you up.
Mum of Damiano, she is a fervent vegan and animal rights activist.




aka “The Buddha”, Graphic Designer & Visual.
He’s the one in charge of transforming Back Label multitude of messages into concept drawings, lines and colors. Master of kindness, creativity and good manners, he never-ever gives up. With discipline, tenacity and a huge smile he gets deep into beauty, at the very core of Back Label essence.. landing on a higher level of conscience and meaning.



Martino, 26, Commercial Back Up Office. Martino is the kind of guy that somehow always surprises you.
He can humbly talk about all kind of topics, from vinyl records to Philippines politics, from DOP cheese to Rosa Canina Jam (that he produces himself), from Thai Boxe to Manga.. In 5 languages.. including Japanese.. fluently.




Commercial Head and Impact Manager.
She traveled the world to find out that lack of genuineness and pretentiousness bore her to tears.. This made her a perfect fit in Back Label where essence and meaning are of paramount importance.Passionate about slow fashion, the environment and all forces that secretly drive the universe, she is a modern hippie with a very refined palate and with a taste for retro travel and designer pre-loved. You’ll never see her without a hat on.. 



aka “THE SPINE”. He was the first one to be employed in BL in 2012.
He started with ironing and doing little things. Now he’s in charge of the entire quality control chain, from suppliers to finished products. But this is minor compared to the loyalty and professionalism that he performs at all levels. Vernon is Back Label spine and through his example and devotion, he shaped Back Label attitude toward work and integrity.




Along with Amy, he’s Back Label founder and inventor.
He loves his brand as a reflection of the endless love for his wife, with whom he started off from day one. 
Father of MAGGIE



aka “Lo Zio”, aka “The Asintoto”. Lorenzo, co-founder.
Lorenzo is a very important Italian Top Manager although he managed to stay humble. A man who thinks right and fast and who has the capability of truly listening and seeing beyond EVERY surface.. but above all he’s a man who believes in the power of a dream. As he believed in ours, showing us the way. Along with Amy he was the first to shape the idea of addressing our distribution only to the world’s best resorts and hotel and to their guests.




aka “THE MOTHER”, aka Wonder Puffi, aka “Puffi will know who to call to sort this out”.
Mother of Filippo, Alessandra and Polpetta, Puffi is the epitome of Italian motherhood. Not only when it comes to food.. although she’s worldwide famous for her homemade pesto and jams.. but also when it comes to that specific word that you so badly needed to hear in that particular moment..



THE DELIVERY BOY. Father of Filippo, Alessandra and Polpetta.
He’s Back Label delivery boy but he likes to be considered more as a dandy chauffeur: he can drive you up to the airport and back at 3 am and you can rest assured that everything will simply go smoothly.. He’s also a real character, as he has the amazing ability to speak up every single thing that comes up to his mind. NO filters whatsoever. Which sometimes may get some eyebrows raised.. but it’s such a show to watch. 
Passionate about food, wine, golf and Atalanta football club.




Joska looks so serious when he enters Back Label urban factory with his briefcase but as soon as he cracks a silly joke with Filippo, whom he’s been friends with since primary school, you can get a full picture of who he truly is. Sometimes, he does speak using sophisticated words that not many around fully comprehend but they sound cool and comforting.. so that’s fine.. Thankfully BL is not often in need of a lawyer, so a lot of times, when he‘s around is just because he wants to make sure that everything goes smoothly.. and because he really enjoys our coffee, cookies and our office mood..



AKA “Munchcaproonie” and “Ms Choo”.
She’s BL mascot and a natural stress killer. She loves to surround herself with fancy fluffy toys like Sniffany and Starbarks and to dress up for special doggie parks occasions. She’s a real diva, like her friends Choupette, Sunny, Bo.. On top, when Filippo leaves her in the office alone to run errands, she turns into a real opera singer.




aka “Puffete”. Aria is Alessandra’s Dogther. On January 1st 2020, she literally jumped into Alessandra’s arms and chose her to be her mum, forever and ever. Her mission in life is gluing herself up to her mum, in every possible occasion. Passionate about socks, cuddles and lizards.



Polpetta is Maggie and Aria’s aunt. The name says it all .. meatball! Everybody loves Polpetta! Plus,
she is Sicilian, by far the most beautiful region in Italy.. And like all Sicilians, she’s a foodie with a passion for friendship.




Tireless head of sewers.
She knows every single item by heart and thanks to her hawk eyes, every Back Label piece is “exactly the way it’s supposed to be”, not a stitch less.. Well, Enrica is also a beautiful person and her love for the team and the brand is the final mark that is rendered on the products.



The unconcerned dog.
He’s a 66 pounds - greyhound who thinks he is a cat.. Thanks to Vera he is now a happy and content retiree but when he was young(er) he used to work hard, running on the circuits of Ireland. He is so thin that he could be a bookmark and so quiet that all the other doggies around the office sometimes go and check on him, just to make sure he’s fine. Everyone loves Damiano, he is the emblem of relaxation and balance.
Shhh… he is resting.




She is our architect and design advisor.
She provides the technical expertise that she then discusses and implements with Gilly for Back Label shops and stands. Her positive attitude, great taste and experience always bring good and practical solutions.



“The crazy dude”. He’s so hyper that he cannot stand still!
He’s such an hilarious character. Thanks to his marvelous taste and his creativity, he crafts our shops along with Bea, Filippo and Alessandra. It’s hard to stop him but you can call him anytime and rest assured, he will answer.
“Having a good time” is his motto.




AKA The Pacca.
He is the portrait of serenity, tranquility and positive attitude
He’s a man of firm principles and vision.
Alberto is our strong link with the territory of Bergamo, being also the CEO of an important local textile group.
He is with us since the very beginning of our journey.
He truly went through it all.



aka: “The Cookie Eater”.
He is Back Label’s best friend and a true source of information and suggestions when needed. His vast knowledge of finance and small businesses like scale ups is often, very often, precious for our management to lead and take strategic decisions. He is always up for a good, witty, British joke.
He has a crush on Alice.




We all LOVE Fabio!
Fabio is our Accountant and Financial Controller and he takes care of all our quarterly reports to the Board of Director. In fact he is far, far more than that. He has the face of an angel, always with a big smile on. His directions are clear and he doesn’t mind to spend time teaching Roberta and Filippo how to handle the hard science of numbers. He is truly passionate about Back Label and the team, he’s one of our biggest fans.



Federico is so calm and wise.
He works together with Fabio and Roberta on all our accounting practices. He sends to Roberta all the proper informations with endless patience and he is always willing to pass his deep knowledge.




Always focused on her job and committed to her principles.
She never denies a smile and a positive yet always realistic vision of the process. She has the magic touch when it comes to “collarette machine”. She leaves a little bit earlier than others due to her family commitments, therefore when we hear “Ciao Ragazzi” it means it’s already 4 pm.



Anna, our “as beautiful as kind” Customer Care Representative.
Her politeness, punctuality and patience are legendary among our customers.

Someone once said about her that “When you read her texts or emails you can feel the genuine smile she has while she writes them..”

"What an asset for Back Label.."