A word from our Studio.

«Whenever we get a new order in, we start cutting and sewing and the studio vibrates with renewed excitement. We imagine who will wear the clothes we make. There’s this true connection between us and the clients, and there’s also a continuity: we create something and consumers give it life by wearing it every day. Quality is the pact we make with them»

Rebecca is an incredibly talented and witty seamstress. So are Cornelia, Angela and Enrica, and let’s not forget Vernon, our cutter and male ambassador for the team! Here in Bergamo, there is a renowned centenary sewing tradition and our team updates it with natural textures and boundary-pushing fabrics. Through the guidance of Vera and Alice they make beautiful clothes that are forever wearable. We are very proud that our clothes are 100% made in Italy by such a dedicated team.

Amy,Creative Director

«I love the idea that layering on a milk protein & organic cotton t-shirt, a pair of seaweed-enhanced leggings and a luxurious cashmere wrap is as precious a ritual as layering the best beauty products on your face and body after you shower.»

«We are committed to providing what was once unattainable from a piece of athletic, lounge and leisure wear garment. A wholly nourishing experience.»

A wordfromFilippo.

We want our favorite moisturizer to be nutrient-packed, why not ask the same of our clothes ? Or at the very least to not be harmed by toxic compounds and petrochemicals inside the very fabrics we put against our skin every day. This is the mission of Back label: to create beautifully modern and luxurious fashion with only the best ingredients. Here in our cozy Bergamo studio, our amazing team of seamstresses handcraft ever-lasting essentials made of organic egyptian cotton, top quality cashmere, japanese fleece, and marvelous hydrating & skin-enhancing all natural ingredients. Everything is made in Italy.

We are proud to have certifications that attest our commitment to non toxic and eco friendly solutions.