In Back Label S.B.a.R.L. along with our brands Back Label The Wellnesswear and Weargrace The Devotionalwear we strongly believe in honest business role model that promotes social prosperity and dedicates attention and care to the environment.

We conceive happiness and empathy as fundamental tools for our management, partners, employees and stake holders to create prosperity and achieve personal success.

Back Label the Wellnesswear is a 100% Made in Italy, slow fashion and carryover brand, certified ICEA/GOTS since the very beginning of its operations and B-Corp Since January 2021.

“Being a B Corp adds additional meaning to the word “Back,” which is the basis of our vision for the brand I co-founded with my wife Amy in 2012: Back to People, Back to Nature”.

“Our purpose is to actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable economic system and business that regenerates society and the environment. We want our workplace to have a positive impact on our employees, the city and the environment around us, in the hope that other companies will join us on this virtuous path. Because the future is now. Unlock the Change.”

Filippo Perricone, managing director of Back Label.

"I want to know.
Who’s making my clothes...
The same with my food, the same with my cosmetics...
The same with many things.. I want to know"
To be mindful about what we put next to our skin for 10 – 12 hours, everyday is part of a whole new concept of well-being.

Back to nature, back to knowing where your things are coming from, Back to quality, back to the way things are supposed to be done.. and that’s how it kind of started”

Amy Perricone - BL Creative Director 2011